Time Finish


1  Bail for Mr. Anderson was set at 25,000. In order to be released, he must pay 10% of this in cash. How much must Mr. Anderson pay?

2  A car skidded 8 feet, 11 inches before coming to a complete stop. The accident report must list the distance in inches only. What distance should be entered on the report?

3  An appliance store is burglarized and 21 clock radios with a total value of 1050 are stolen. What is the average value of the radios.

4  On Thursday, Officer Jackson worked the 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift. At 10:55 p.m. he was called to the scene of an accident where he remained until 1:30 a.m. How long past his regular shift did Officer Jackson work?

5  A police officer is called to an accident scene across town from his present location. If he has to travel three miles on Miller Road, four miles on route 66, and 14 miles on interstate 30, how many miles does he have to travel to get to the accident scene.

6  According to the sample passage, who of the following is a potential carrier of disease and contraband?

7  According to the sample passage, a search should be conducted:

8  In the past year, the police department handled hundreds of calls. During that time, Officer Smith_____________ twenty

9  complimentary phone __________ from private citizens.

10  A police officer must have high regard for his own appearence because police officers are public figures. Which word in the sentence above is misspelled?


12  During ______ existence from 1974-1976, the old police dispatch center received 520,000 calls requesting police services.

13  The officer ________ working overtime last night.

14   Driving an automobile while under the influance of alcohol or drugs is prohibited by law. Which word in the sentence above is misspelled?

15  After arresting the suspect, Officer Carson ___________ the suspect for weapons and found a firearm in the suspect´s coat pocket.