Time Finish



2. CD-R stands for-

2  A right click on the Windows desktop itself will


WWW stands for-

4  Cell address A$4 in a formula means it is a

5  When you create a chart on a separate sheet in the same workbook it is called a

6  To print a specific area in Excel

7   Pressing _____ is a quick way to cycle between open program windows.

8  The AutoContent Wizard creates

9  "In PowerPoint, slide sorter command is found under which menu?"

10  Alignment buttons are available on the _____ toolbar.

11  "Actions buttons can be inserted in the slide, by Action Button command of"

12   The first network that planted the seeds of Internet was:

13  The Internet uses

14  GIGO stands for _____.

15   Which of the following in not an option of edit menu in PowerPoint?

16  A Laser printer uses

17  Tape storage is primarily used for _____.

18   GUI is used as an interface between

19  A Word processor is:


ALU is the part of-