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1  How to Bold toggle for selection

2  How to Italic toggle for selection

3  How to Underline toggle for selection

4  How to Strikethrough for selection

5  How to Change the font

6  How to Change the font size

7  How to Apply outline borders

8  How to Remove all borders

9  How to Wrap text in same cell

10  How to Format cells

11  How to Select font

12  How to Select point size

13  How to Format as currency

14  How to Format as general (to remove any formatting)

15  How to Format as percentage

16  How to Format as number

17  How to Delete one character to right

18  How to Delete one character to left

19  How to Edit active cell

20  How to Cancel cell entry

21  How to Select entire worksheet

22  How to Select entire row

23  How to Select entire column

24  How to Cut

25  How to Copy

26  How to Paste

27  How to Autosum a range of cells

28  How to Insert the date

29  How to Insert the time

30  How to Insert columns/rows

31  How to Insert a new worksheet

32  How to Find text

33  How to Replace text dialog

34  How to Create a chart automatically on new sheet

35  How to Edit a cell comment